Project Transport

Sea Fly Services can support you in the realization of your projects, by providing you solutions to move yours products or possessions.

Whether it is small or large quantities, whether you are an organization or an individual, we can adapt our offers to your demands and find, with you, a solution that fits you.

Here are some recent examples of projects we performed.

Freighting four fire fighting trucks

Within the exchanges between Japan and Laos surrounding the Wattay international airport of Vientiane, four fire fighting trucks have been freighted to Laos.

The three largest trucks are Dragon X6. They have been designed to fight fire on the runaway or ramp. They are equipped to reach and extinguish a fire at a distance of 200 meters. They measure 11 meters in length, 3 meters of width and are 3.9 meters high, with an empty mass of 24,000 kilograms. The pictures give a sense of the size of these trucks.

These trucks have been freighted from Laem Chabang harbor to Vientiane airport by Sea Fly Services. The unloading and transport went smoothly. We are proud of having the trust of both the Japanese and Laotian stakeholders to transport such important merchandise. 

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"Super boulot!!"

Merci à François et à son équipe pour nous avoir accompagné tout au long de cette expédition. Je recommande Seafly à tout le monde désireux d'avoir un partenaire sérieux, efficace et flexible.



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