Established in 2004, Sea Fly Services Co., Ltd is a French freight forwarder headquartered in Bangkok, with a multilingual staff (Thai, Laotian, French, English and Vietnamese). Sea Fly Services Co., Ltd. is happy to provide information and advice, and to provide a totally personalized service to our partners and customers, by carefully managing every aspect of their needs.

With the many years of experience of our staff, Sea Fly Services is able to provide all the services required from a freight forwarder, including, but not limited to:

– General Air and Sea freight business
– Removal, relocation, pick and pack
– Air Charter, Bulk shipments, projects
– Fresh or Perishable products
– Transit shipments, Cross Border Transportation, In-Transit and Export Cargo between Thailand-Lao and between Thailand-Myanmar

Our aim is always to assist and secure business by using any new communication technology (be it chat on line, live help, instant quote, etc…)

Sea Fly Services is:

– Your partner in the shipping process.
– Your assistant to evaluate and select the most suitable mode of transport for your shipment.
– Your advisor for documentation and special conditions related to your shipment.
– Follow-up and information to the customer step by step, according to the route of your goods until delivery.

Our staff

– Speaking 5 languages: French, English, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese.
– Experienced in each type of transport.


– We have our own warehouse, to facilitate the consolidation of your goods.
– Our warehouse located in the center of Bangkok, it will be easier for you to drop off your goods before leaving for the port or airport.

An international network

Sea Fly Sea Fly Services Co., Ltd. is a member of recognized forwarding groups:

UFO Representative (Universal Freight Organization) since 2013
Representative 5SLN (5 Star Logistics Network) since 2017

Sea Fly Services, Co., Ltd. Your team partner in Thailand and Laos