Since it was founded in 2004, SEA FLY SERVICES has continually developed goods trade between Thailand and mainland France.

With strong roots in France, New Caledonia and Reunion Island, followed by expansion throughout other parts of the world, we have always chosen to stay close to our clients, seeking to satisfy their every need while building unparalleled local expertise.

At the same time, we expanded our excellence in air and maritime shipping through the French overseas departments and territories, always keeping up-to-date with the latest standards in international commerce and while enhancing our offering, we focused our attention on meeting our clients’ needs, even very specific needs.

This led to the creation of several activities:



• STORAGE and CONSOLIDATON (Door to Door Service)

Thanks to our overseas network and professional partners, we became a major advantage for the international development within the DOM TOM, given the needs of clients and suppliers with the rest of the world.

Proud of our partners’s position on all oceans, SEA FLY SERVICES confidently remains at your services and ready to assist you in your business.